Marae Facilities


Te Reo o te Iwi

Our Wharenui was opened in 1991, the culmination of the efforts of young and old to see a dream realised. Treasured by us as a gathering place for all occasions. We know that you too will experience the wairua of our whare.

Wharenui Information

  • Accommodates 40 mattresses
  • Mattresses and pillows provided
  • Linen provided (laundry fee applies)

Wharenui Tikanga

  • Tangihanga has priority and all hireage is done so on this basis.  We will always work with hirers to assist with alternative Marae and all arrangements will be discussed with the hirer.
  • Please discourage walking on the mattresses and sitting on the pillows
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the whare and NO CHEWING GUM
  • All mattresses and pillows must be covered at all times
  • Please refer to Marae Tikanga for our pōwhiri ceremony tikanga


Te Reo o Te Ora

Our Wharekai was opened in 1992 and refurbished in 2000 following grand effort from whānau fundraising. A true testament to the meaning of whakawhānaungatanga. Along with being the wahi kai for all our hui, our wharekai is the ideal location for wedding celebrations, 21st birthdays and hākari.

Wharekai Information

  • Can seat a maximum of 150 people comfortably
  • All tables and chairs included
  • All kitchen facilities: combi oven, gas oven, gas hobs, microwave, toasters, fridge, freezer, chiller and kitchenware included
  • Dishwasher – refer to operating instructions for use
  • Tea towels and Tablecloths can be hired or bring your own.

Wharekai Tikanga

  • Please refer to cleaning manual located in the kitchen
  • There are 2 blue landfill rubbish bins available in the kitchen
  • There are small green bins for all food scraps that get emptied into our marae Hot Composting Unit
  • All landfill rubbish & recycling is to be removed by hirer
  • Tea towels are to be used for drying dishes only.

Whare Karakia

Our Whare Karakia was built in 1886 and recently refurbished in 2014. We’re proud to have this historical taonga on our Marae grounds to host a multitude of ceremonies. Including weddings, Tangihanga ceremonies and our monthly Karakia. Please click here for our Karakia schedule.

Whare Karakia Information

  • Can seat maximum of 150 people
  • The whare karakia stands as a testament to the Christian values of the people of Ngāti Hau ki Pehiāweri
  • Pehiāweri marae are committed to the furtherance of the gospel of Christ

      Whare Karakia Tikanga

      Tangihanga has priority and all hireage is done so on this basis.  We will always work with hirers to assist with alternative Marae and all arrangements will be discussed with the hirer

      The Manse

      The Manse is the beautiful white house located in front of the Wharekai. It was built the same year as the Church in 1886. The Manse is now the Marae Tari (office space) but will always be remembered as home to many of our whānau.

      The Manse Information

      • Part of the Manse building is available for hire, separate to the hireage of the wharenui (only for meetings – max 12 people)


      • Ngunguru Rd is very busy, and cars are travelling in excess of the 80kph. Be careful entering and leaving the marae driveways.
      • Please slow right down once in the carpark and watch for pedestrians and tamariki.
      • Please look out extra specially for tamariki in the carpark
      • Please supervise your tamariki at all times.  Be especially aware of the Mangakino Stream that flows behind the carpark.
      • Please ensure your tamariki are not playing in front of (roadside) of the Manse.  Feel free to emphatically tell any and all tamariki not to play there
      • Please respect the Marae Ātea (the ground in front of the wharenui) as the sacred ground of Tūmatauenga
      • The Memorial stone and Flagstaff situated to the side of the Marae Atea was erected to honour the memory of all men and women who served in all theatres of war, some losing their lives, making the ultimate sacrifice. Please honour their memory with us.
      • No Balls or ball games in the covered walkways.
      • Please Park all vehicles in the carpark.  Parking roadside obstructs vision for entry to and from the marae.
      • Please respect our gardens throughout the marae.


      The Marae has a large area for parking at the entrance and at the rear of the Wharekai. Please do not park on the roadside as this may incur a traffic infringement and may cause an accident.