To establish a vegetable/herb garden, rongoa (Maori medicine garden), orchard, putiputi, worm farm, composting and recycling on Pehiaweri Marae whenua.


The whole community will have opportunity to contribute, participate and pass on their valued gardening knowledge .


The garden location must be as close as practicle to the whare kai. This will create a natural flow from garden to kitchen to the dining table.


Vegetables, fruits and rongoa will produce vegetables, pickles, preserves, frozens and medicines and colourful flowers.

A designated hangi pit and smoke house will be constructed to enhance our selection of kai .

Cooking classes

Cooking classes will be conducted in the whare kai. Produce for the classes will be grown in the marae garden.

Watering systems

Garden watering will be achieved using tanked rain water off the Whare Nui, naturally purified grey water and where necessary creek/spring water.

DOC gardening programme

Community conservation programme will run in partnership with the Department of Conservation. Wet lands and waterways are of special areas of interest and protection.


We expect visits from schools, local community groups, booked in Manuhiri, other marae and 2011 RWC tourists.


The Manse building could be relocated to the rear of the whare kai. Where possible the kaupapa of eco system will be used to service the whare. Examples are wind power, solar system, composting toilet. Priority use would be education workshops.


Workshop subjects could be community conservation, community gardening, maori medicine, raranga, whakairo, mahi toi, te reo and waiata.

Interpretation boards displaying traditional plant/tree uses that we have at Pehiaweri.

Individual and community groups are encouraged to come and learn subjects that interest them.

Home gardening

Pehiaweri Marae community garden group will support any whanau who wish to set up a garden at their whare.


Funds to support garden growth initiatives will come from sales of produce, organic compost, tiger worms, recycled metal and community grant applications.

The appointment of kaitiaki o Mahinga kai will be anounced at the 12 June opening.